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Stand-alone solutions

Create your own sales landscape. Our stand-alone solutions are ideal for flexible design options. Take a look at the following products:


Basket column sets


Design your own sales landscape - pluggable, little space required in the warehouse and for shipping, low-cost packaging and freight costs.

Goods presenters for crates


Our product presenters for crates, baskets and cartons come in 60 x 40 cm or two sizes 40 x 30 cm format with attachment segments of different heights. They are also available in angular form (lengthwise or crosswise).

...simply lift the filled vegetable and fruit crates or cartons into the standing basket at the top. The plywood support shelf can be fixed at different heights depending on the required distance.

The sides of the crate or carton are covered.

Warenpräsenter für Kisten
Verkaufswagen mit Korbgeflecht

Sales trolleys


These mobile sales tables can be used for special events, product presentations, tasting and sales campaigns.

Indoor application, for example at trade fairs, in department stores, sports halls or shopping centres...

Covered or sheltered, they can also be used on markets. Not unprotected for outdoor use / Avoid rain and sun!

Body made of full willow, sturdily braided, 125 x 65 cm | H 76 cm, with 2 fixed castors and 2 steering castors with brakes (15 cm high), total height 91 cm (from floor to top edge).

Pallet wickerwork claddings

For offering large and heavy sales goods, such as melons, pumpkins, potatoes, cabbage, turnips or beverage crates / wine cartons.
You only need Euro pallets as a basis.

The material is also available with bark.


Pallets “Sun" and "Diamonds"


Wicker claddings for different pallets
Our recommendation: the "Sun", the "Diamonds" or display baskets. PET trays to protect the baskets are also available.

Modular shelving systems


Increase your turnover by, for example, staging a market stall. Shelves in a row, in opposite directions or in an arch and spanned with a screen.

You don't need any other tools to set it up!

Palettenpräsenter Verkaufsraum

Pallet presenters


Every salesroom needs its own eye-catcher; with the PR.2000 you set a highlight in your fruit and vegetable department.

Your statement: naturalness.

You only need 4 Euro pallets as a basis.




Even more items in the catalogue

On our website you see only a small excerpt of our product range. If you are interested in our entire product range, we will gladly send you our product catalogue.