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Sales displays

Our sales displays are suitable for almost all products (food safe). The basketware displays create an association of: nature, naturally healthy, rustic, handicraft, biological and the harmlessness of its use. This feeling is transferred to the goods inside.

Here you will find examples of:

Tisch Display mit Korbregal

 Table displays


Our table displays consist of a 2-level anthracite metal frame. The upper level is height adjustable in 5 steps. Both levels are suitable for baskets with a maximum depth of 50 cm and a minimum width of 35 cm.

The frame is adjustable in height as well as in width. This means that a wide variety of basket types can be used, depending on requirements.

The baskets must be ordered separately (see section "System baskets").

Telescopic stands


The telescopic stands are infinitely height-adjustable.
They can be used for a wide variety of goods (confectionery, bakery products, fruit - also for brochures, cutlery or napkins) - "silent servant" principle“.

Telescopic Stand for baskets
Klappständer für Körbe

Basket and folding stands


The basket stands for round baskets are available in different heights.
The folding stands have a folding mechanism and are stable and steady on the legs.

They require little space for shipping and storage. They are also ideal for mobile use.

Korbständer für Wühlkörbe
Dreieck-Display aus Metall

Triangular displays


They consist of a triangular metal stand or a triangular wicker column.

Dreieck Flechtsäule

Angular wicker columns


The angular wicker columns are available waisted or straight in different heights and widths.

Conical baskets find a stable fit here and fit perfectly.

Flechtsäule eckig
Wühlkorb Displays aus Metall

Rummage basket displays


The very sturdy basket displays in anthracite can be combined with a wide variety of baskets.

A list can be found on pages 34 and 35 of the catalogue.

You can achieve a particularly attractive effect with an arrangement of several displays in different heights to form entire stand-alone solutions.

Basket columns


The wicker columns are a real eye-catcher!
Our offer includes round as well as angular, waisted and barrel-like basket columns / sets.

Due to the different heights they can be combined wonderfully.

Flechtsäule rund
Bodenständer für zwei Rundkörbe

Duo und Trio


These floor stands are ideally suited for the presentation of goods.

They can optionally be equipped with 3 flat, angular display baskets, 2 high angular shelf baskets or 2 round baskets.

The basket holders can be mounted variably.

Different basket positions in depth and height are possible.

The baskets can also be installed inclined forwards. With 4 plastic castors, 2 of which have brakes.

Shelf space: D 80 cm | W 56 cm.

Bodenständer für drei eckige Körbe
Gestellwand für Körbe

Frame wall


The frame walls can be positioned very flexibly thanks to their castors. They can also be easily combined with different baskets and can be loaded from both sides.

With the optional round arch sign you can highlight your product. The castors can be used optionally and are included in the scope of delivery.

Display gondolas


These sales stands - consisting of a metal frame, sign holder with clamping device (anthracite) and four plastic castors (two of which have brakes) - can be fitted as two-, three- or four-level gondolas.

Our display gondolas are also available in other shapes.

Display-Gondeln mit Räder



Even more items in the catalogue

On our website you see only a small excerpt of our product range. If you are interested in our entire product range, we will gladly send you our product catalogue.