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Miscellaneous baskets

Shopping baskets


They are convenient and stable for your daily shopping. Our shopping baskets are available in various shapes - from round, oval to square. They are all equipped with a practical handle for the safe carrying of your goods.


Picnic baskets


Our elegant picnic baskets invite you to linger in nature. Equipped with a lid, your food is protected.
The fabric lining is optional.

Decorative baskets

Ticino basket

Basket Germania

Basket Dutchman

Display basket

Gift baskets


Gift baskets are available in different shapes for every occasion. Some of the handles are extra high for ample filling.

Carrying baskets


Vendors trays


Wooden baskets


They are useful for storing or carrying wood - available in various shapes and also with bark.


Storage baskets


These baskets are angular and come in different sizes. Also available with integral handles for easier carrying.

Chests / Laundry baskets


The shapely chests or laundry baskets have lids and are available from 60 cm to 100 cm wide.

Large handle baskets


They are very stable, have plenty of storage space and come in different sizes and shapes. Either with a central handle or two handles left and right.

Baskets with bark


Whether you need a garden basket or shopping basket, our baskets with bark are a real eye-catcher.

The delivery time for baskets with bark is approx. 3 weeks. Please note this when planning your purchase.



Even more items in the catalogue

On our website you see only a small excerpt of our product range. If you are interested in our entire product range, we will gladly send you our product catalogue.